Pilot the Edge Modules

Earn a stipend for piloting EDGE modules

We invite your participation in piloting the EDGE modules and further refining them to ensure they provide the best support possible for students.  Eligible faculty and staff will receive a stipend for integrating EDGE modules into:

  • Courses (e.g., first-year seminars; career preparation courses; internship courses; capstones)
  • Meetings (e.g., academic advising; career counseling)
  • Student Experiences (e.g., co-curricular programming; experiential learning)

In order to receive the stipend, you must:

You will be notified whether your proposal has been accepted and provided further instructions about how to embed the EDGE modules in your course, meeting, or student experience.

At the end of your course, meeting or experience, you must 

There are nine modules now available:You and Your Options;Parallel Planning; NetworkingMaking an Impression; Crafting Your Resume; Negotiating and Accepting Offers; Interviewing;Internships; andExploring Graduate or Professional School. You can review the modules within Canvas. To use the modules in courses, meetings or student experiences, interested participants will need to SEARCH FOR AND RETRIEVE the modules from CANVAS COMMONS. Instructions for how to do this are provided once your proposal has been accepted.

Contact Becky Torstrick (rtorstri@iu.edu) if you have further questions about participating. The Planning Summary should be returned to Becky in advance of conducting your integration activity.  There are no set deadlines; we consider proposals as they are submitted.