Use the EDGE Modules

Using the EDGE modules

EDGE has been developed using Modules in Canvas.  Modules allow instructors to control the pathway by which students move through course material.  A module consists of a series of pages and assignments ordered in a particular way.

When you decide to use the EDGE modules in your course or in your advising, you must download them from Canvas Commons into your own canvas site (for your course or your advising group).  Follow the directions below to download the modules from Commons.

Searching For and Retrieving the Modules from Canvas Commons

 Downloading the modules into your own course allows you to make any needed modifications, determine which items you'd like to collect as assignments, and alter any assignment point values.  Students will be able to submit their module work to you through Canvas.  In addition, for some assignments, students will also be able to choose to share them with their academic or career advisor by having them sent to Onbase so that they can be accessed through Advising Records, the university's electronic advising system.

Once you download the modules, you'll see them as a set of linked pages and assignments (see image below).

image of modules in Canvas

You are free to make modifications in the modules once you have downloaded them. If you believe you have modified a module with a useful change, please connect with OCSS for assistance with submitting your revised module back up to Canvas Commons so that we can begin to build a robust library of artifacts to use in working with students. 

We currently have modules available on these topics:

  • You and Your Options
  • Parallel Planning 
  • Networking
  • Making An Impression
  • Crafting Your Resume
  • Negotiating and Accepting Offers
  • Internships
  • Interviewing
  • Exploring Graduate or Professional School

Using EDGE outside of a course framework

In order to use the EDGE modules outside a course framework, you will want to first create a canvas site and populate it with your chosen students. You can then load selected modules into the canvas site or even make the EDGE modules the home page for the site. This canvas page discusses the steps you will want to take. Note that you will be prompted for your IU username and passphrase.